Posted date: 2/November/2010

It is a real wonder indeed. No one in the past history of Kannada cinema such a huge garland was offered for the cut out. The credit for massive garland tucked
with 'Yellow and Red' two significant colors of Karnataka was prepared by Akila Karnataka Ambarish Sene Samithi and Karnataka Karna Ambarish Abhimanigala
Sangha Channamana Kere, Bangalore.
Rs.6 lakh worth garland atop the Kannada flag on 80 feet cut out of Ambarish is also filled with hundreds of garlands made out of Jasmine and Sugandharaja
flowers. For the huge Yellow and Red garland 10 to 15 thans of clothes were used and 15 people worked on this for 15 days.Inside the cloth the grass is filled says
Market Raju. Raju has been doing thie flower business since 25 years.
On the opening day 29th of October for the mammoth cut out of Ambarish 100 liters of milk and five liters of Honey was poured as Abhisekha.
'Veera Parampare' directed and produced by S. Narayan at Kapali theatre is abuzz with activities. Nanna Mannidhu...the song that gives the Karnataka
Darshana for Ambarish is lapped up. even the ringtones on mobile this song is found.
For such a mammoth and record breaking garland it is the Market Raju (mobile 9845533666)in City market gets the credit. There are nearly 200 garlands
in and around Kapali theatre in Bangalore for Ambarish and Kichcha Sudeep cut outs and stars are erected here.
Market Raju has been doing the profession of flower since the age of 14 and from the days of Honkongnalli Agent Amar 100th film of Ambarish he has been
offering garlands for the cut outs of Ambarish. On the release day of Veera Parampare Rs.20000 worth fireworks were burnt in front of the theatre.
For the films of Thandege Thakka Maga, Kallarali Hoovagi, Vaayuptra, Gajendra and others films.

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