Posted date: 29/May/2011

The screen god for many of the fans, the supporter of life to thousands of people, the No.1 Parliamentarian to use the funds to the fullest extent, No.1 personality from film to politics whose resignation was not accepted for two years in the union government – AMBARISH is ‘Aravatthu’ today.

Six decades in life is remarkable. Today morning at his JP Nagar residence there was huge crowd. Most of them had come from Mandya district the place of Ambarish.

Mandyadha Gandhu Ambarish came to the ground floor of his house to give Darshan and cut a huge cake on his 60th birthday. The fans cheered and came with cakes to cut. The police was around to control the mob. Ambarish name should be kept to ring road said some fans. Others demanded doctorate for Ambarish.

Ambarish 60 – many valuable years for this ‘Chowdaiah’ of silver screen. Tomorrow V Ravichandran turns 50. He is not celebrating his birthday. wishes the stalwarts rich life, good health and peace of mind in years to come.

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