Posted date: 1/October/2010

The day was tensed up with Ayodhya verdict on the one side in the afternoon but just before the verdict there was another tensed up situation for Kannada filmdom. The rumor that something has happened to the life of Ambarish spread like a wildfire. The JP Nagar connection also pointed that hundreds of Ambarish fans have already thronged his residence. This has further caused worry.

Ambarish sensing further chaos came out and said he is fine and nothing has happened to him. This false rumor was even spread when Dr Rajakumar and Dr Vishnuvardhana were living.

Ambarish urged people not to create such news. When my mother was alive this type of news shocked her he remembered it is the 9th time his demise false news has come out in public.

Let god give pretty good health to Ambi Anna wishes

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