Posted date: 1/May/2009

Whatever may be the growth in life the attachment to mother is ever green in Indian society. Look at the young and lanky hero Yogish. He had bought Rs.14 lakhs ‘Hayabuza’ Suzuki two wheelers worth Rs.14 lakhs. This for his personal use and he drove it from his house to Green House restaurant with not less than 120 kilometer speed on Thursday afternoon to attend his audio release ‘Preethse Preethse’.

Obviously it was the special attraction of the afternoon at Green House. Yogish was ready to sit on the motorbike alone but not with the heroine when he was requested. Do you know what he told - My mother has to sit first in my bike! At this point of time Yogish got salute from this cinema photographer because the sentiment, respect and attachment he has to his mother.

Later Yogish stood in front of the vehicle with actress Pragna the heroine of ‘Preethse Preethse’ and appeared for the photographs. Just a few minutes earlier Puneeth Rajakumar had left this place after releasing ‘Preethse Preethse’ audio. Puneeth Rajakumar has similar attachment towards his mother Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar.

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