Posted date: 5/May/2009

From the family of lights and sounds supply for last 30 years young Deepak brother of Kannada film actress Amoolya has now opened another phase in his life. That is the ‘Cine Sparsha Editing Studio’! An MBA graduate Deepak into finance and marketing, ad film making, script writing experience on 1400 sq feet huge hall at Nehru Nagar in Seshadripuram has made partition to suit three of his requirements with a front office and waiting lounge.

There is Avid Editing room, Negative cutting room and mini screening room in the digital style is accommodated here. Deepak has invested Rs.10 lakhs on the project and he requires a few more lakhs for digital screening facility on 12X8 size screen.

This Avid facility could be made use by film, television, corporate world. This is my unexpected plan says Deepak who is well versed in his father’s business lighting, sound system. Jaideep Generator Set is very famous and there are nearly 13 generators under his father’s network. Since Deepak is a multi media creative youngster obviously he developed interest in this field.

He emphasizes on possessing of Link, Communication and Net work for any business. He has come in to contact with two film producers and he hopes to win in his new adventure.


Manohar. R.(Manu),
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