Posted date: 6/November/2010

It is not disrespect to sibling but utmost liking. Versatile actor Ananthnag is not interested in attending any of the functions for which he is called that is related to his late brother Shanker Nag. I don’t fit into such programs’ Ananthnag shot back to a question why he is not interested in attending functions in his brother name.

In the beginning days and years of his death twenty years ago I have done the same thing. Later I realized that people who call me for my brother Shanker Nag related functions do not know anything about him. For the last so many years I am not attending anything related to my brother Shanker Nag. I was part of Shanker Nag floor when MD Kaushik a film personality made studio sets in his place on Magadi Road.

For those who want to know about my brother Shanker Nag from me and give lecture all I want to say is that they can refer the book I have written ‘Nanna Thamma Shanker’. I have written so many things about my brother that no one knows and they are not film related ones say Ananthnag.

I ask anyone who want to know about my brother to read the book. Recently from totalkannada I have made a reprint of the book and it is available in the market says Ananthnag.

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