Posted date: 19 Sun, Dec 2021 02:45:49 PM

‘Anger’ Kannada cinema by Mysuru based team shooting in Mysuru has come up with three melodious songs before the media on Saturday at Sri Renukamba Digital theater.

Payanada Daari Kaanada Alemaarinaa…is best of the three while the song of Hoththu Mulugiralu… by Rajesh Krishnan and Anuradha Bhat is equally good and introduction song for new hero Manvith - Ello Ooraache…is sung by popular singer Shashank Sheshagiri. Vijay Harithsa has done good compositions and received good applause for his work in music.

This is the debut for Manvith and his parents present to support his dream of acting. Anger is part of everyone`s life. It should be in controlled form. When it is beyond a measurement, what happens is the crux of the film. I am like a freeloader in the film. Without any reason to get angry, the stage of correction comes in life he disclosed.

Punya Gowda is the female lead who had seen the anger of the director Nataraja Rangayana on the sets. It is Punya Gowda as the female lead who softens the hero from his anger in the film.   

Director Nataraja Rangayana says the old and new combined in making this film. Anger is a romantic thriller that is at the post-production stage. We have shot for the film at Mandya, Srirangapatna and other locations. A village boy has inner dissatisfaction. Unexpected crime happens in his life. He is not able to control his anger. Anger is like poison as Gauthama Budda had told. How he manages everything is the climax part of the film.

Vijay Hartsa did seven songs for this film. Kannada singers for this film insisted that the hero Manvith worked out well.

Mass Madha stunt director appreciated the ability of Manvith in stunts. Shivaji of Mysuru is a key villain. 

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