Posted date: 30 Wed, Jun 2021 07:13:40 PM

The towering personality in the mimicry field in the last 44 years, actor of nearly 300 films (he remembers a few of them) in the last three decades, worldwide travelled (except Russia and Pakistan) Mimicry Dayanand is making a leap in his life. He turns director at the Covid situation and it is compelling for him in new avatar!


The unexpected turn in his life as director is from ‘Anirikshita’ Kannada and Malayalam film shot with 13 members, 4 locations and 2 actors in it is the highlight of this film. Apparently, the rich contribution has come from ace composer Gurukiran. It is all about the life of a police constable in a house. When someone barge inside the house, what unexpected turn it takes is the crux of the film. Dayanand had dubbed for 13 characters – 12 of them are voice over. Later he got it dubbed from other dubbing artists for this film. He has plans for OTT and theatrical release of his much hyped film.


I have indulged in this film completely and no difficulty as such in making this film except the lockdown situation. I had to do multiple jobs and come before the camera too. There is one more actor Bama Arun – actress of four Malayalam films – Dayanand known for fluency in his address and frank expression continued on his first film direction media briefing.


I had great support from writer Rajashekharan. He prepared the screenplay in English and that was translated, later he had written in Malayalam language. In Mangaluru, Kodagu and my house, maximum shooting was held with no hindrance.


Mimicry Dayanand with support of Santosh Kondankeri added more valuable inputs in his direction and the film virtual release of trailer was done by crazy star V Ravichandran, Upendra, Srujan Lokesh and Thara Anuradha.


Mimicry Dayanand thanked his colleagues Sai Pradeep, Raghu one of the producers and editor, Jeevan Gowda cinematographer and Rajashekharan.


Co director of the film Santosh K intends to bring out in youtube two making videos one of process of making and other of technicalities of doing the film. It will be in 25 minutes duration.


Last but not the least, Mimicry Dayanand recollecting the demise of over 50 plus film personalities mentioned ‘Badukiddaaga Bennu Thatti’ – not after departure. That made him collect tears in his eyes.

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