Posted date: 3/October/2010

Kannada film industry Sandalwood is known for records in the making, collection, selection and even in objection quite often despite of scores of films flopping in the box office this year too.

Now the scoop with is that 40 Kannada film directors are acting in Shailendra Babu Productions ‘Raja Vamsha’ a debut of his son Sumanth Babu.

The director of the film ‘Raja Vamsha’ S Mahender reveal that 40 directors of Kannada cinema have been given reading and they are given freedom to pick the roles they want to act.

For the first time in the history of Kannada cinema so many directors are to be seen in one film. The top ranking producer Shailendra Babu and top ranking director S Mahender gets the credit for his 32nd film in the career.

Another feat what director S Mahender is aiming is selecting the new artists from the theatre for his film. ‘Raja Vamsha’ is going on the floor in the first week of November. The beautiful looking Kannada girl is the needed for female lead for Sumanth Babu to play counterpart role.

It may be recalled that 10 directors and 10 cameramen worked for 18 hours ‘Sugriva’ Kannada film recently.

A dozen artists in ‘Bhimoos Bang Bang Kids’ that is the last film of Dr Vishnuvardhana with Ramesh Aravind, Jaggesh and others is still in the cans.

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