Posted date: 18 Thu, Nov 2021 10:25:48 AM

Crazy star V Ravichandan did not get a chance to speak about his inbuilt emotions on passing away of power star Puneeth Rajakumar at ‘Puneeth Namana’ – yet he utilized the opportunity at his son Manuranjan film ‘Mugilpete’ pre release media meet at Gold Finch Hotel on Wednesday night and said how can I forget ‘Appa and Appuna’.

Ravichandran and Puneeth Rajakumar supposed to work for ‘Dvitva’ in Pawan Kumar direction but the photo shoot of the two prolonged for months now makes V Ravichandran to look at the destiny. On the day Puneeth Rajakumar was brought to Vikram Hospital, V Ravichandran was outside the Chamundesware Studio for one and half hours as he came out from dubbing theatre and just did not do anything – around this time his pet co star Puneeth Rajakumar was suffering for heart ailment. I don’t why it happened like that but my mind was blank for this particular moment and I have never come out from my work on any day remember V Ravichandran. I did not get call at right time but I was passing the Vikram Hospital and noticed the rush but before reaching the signal I got a message on Appu departure, I rushed back and was so saddened looking at him. I gave the first ‘Kiss’ on his face and the politicians coming made me to sit at one corner for hours with sorrow.

Even after 20 days of Appu passing away, I am not able to write a single line. I was like ‘Dodmane Maga’ – Appu all films I did the clap and become his favorite too. Dr Rajakumar used to give me the affection what he was giving for Shivanna. He used to ask to sit on his thighs when I was young.  Ravichandran memory came out one by one addressing the media.

Another pathetic condition of V Ravichandran was that he got a call from his wife from home that his mother should be admitted immediately. In the last 20 days my mother was in ICU and told my wife Sumathy let ‘Amma breathe’ last at home. Now Amma at home reacts to only my voice when I try to wake her up saying ‘Amma’. Hold my hand try to say something but cannot.

At this situation, controlling the emotion of Appu death is very difficult. How can I forget his ‘Nagu’, his simple approach? In his death he has left a strong message that what we should do in remaining life.

I am blank even to this day with Appu departure. Samadhana Shakthi is not possible for us. How can one expect from his family.

I wanted to carry Appu on my shoulder for his final rites, I wanted to act in his film Dvitva – both did not happen V Ravichandran expressed on the first time he became very weak in his life.

I have lost and won in this career of four decades of cinema. First time I felt I am very weak – Reason obviously is passing away of Puneeth Rajakumar – Appu and my Appa N Veeraswamy how can I forget in rest of my life stated crazy star V Ravichandran.

I even felt ‘Devrige Deepa Hachchodu Beda Anta’. He should have given one chance for Appu. Appu Nagu Maryek Agalla, Nav Satre Mathra Maretahaage!

As a tribute from Karnataka a complete film studio in Appu name should be set up opines V Ravichandran. 

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