Posted date: 8/February/2009

Actress Dr.Leelavathi and her actor son Vinodraj are in state of shock. The vehicle in which mother and son traveling at Shanthala Silk spot a stone throwing distance from Upparpet Police station the Toyota car was attacked at 9.40 am today morning. Dr.Leelavathi, Vinodraj, driver Basavaraj and manager Nagaraj and the pet dog were inside the car.


According to manager Nagaraj a huge sound was heard when the car was traveling near the signal light. It is not a hit from the stone but something else it is learnt. Immediately the vehicle was moved to Upparpet police station. The police investigation is going on.


Worried and tensed mother and son filed a police complaint at Upparpet police station soon after the incident happened.


According to Vinodraj and Leelavathi it is an attack. It looks like a small bullet and glass plane torn in to pieces. The pet dog was sitting next to Vinodraj in left side of the front row of the car.

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