Posted date: 23/September/2008

This is Avinash not the senior talented actor of Kannada cinema we are writing about. This Avinash is the grandson of unforgettable comedy actor of Kannada cinema NARASIMHARAJU.

Avinash is the son of first daughter of Narasimaraju Smt.Dharmavathi. His father is Mr Diwakar. A graduate in Sculpture from Chitrakala Parishat Bangalore he is the second prize winner of Icons of 20th Century competition held in Germany. He made a smallest silver sculpture of Charlie Chaplin in silver metal and placed the sculpture on a wood that looked one feet of height while rest of the competitors were in the range of 15 to 20 feet height.

Very efficient in traditional and modern art Avinash run an Art Gallery at one acre land of Bangalore palace sometime ago and currently running an event management company called ‘Geechu’ since eight years. He has conducted 12 events such as classical shows of Zakir Hussain, Hariharan, Shivamani, Disco and Dandya musical events etc.

Avinash has not seen his grand father the famous Narasimharaju. He was born a year later of Narasimharaju’s death. Seeing the films and watching the photo albums, functions Narasimharaju attended he has made lot of drawings of the veteran actor. He with Sudha Narasimha Raju his aunt is planning a film that will be like biography on the Karnataka’s pride.

It is the wish of his grandmother Sharadhamma Narasimharaju that Avinash should take up acting. After Sudha Narasimharaju at least you take up acting told the grandmother and right now Avinash is now in his debut Kannada film a unique sign bearing film ‘…,’ silent movie with only one sentence of dialogue that is told by internationally acclaimed Sri Ravishanker Guruji.

Well built looking very attractive and very fair chap Avinash is interested in taking only meaningful roles and nothing else. Whether it is negative or positive he never minds. Avinash do not want a come and go or touch and go kind of a role. In the unique Kannada film of director Swamy for CM Associates he plays the role of a doctor.

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