Posted date: 7/February/2011

Intelligent, vibrant colleague Shyamprasad married Vasudha on Sunday morning in the traditional system at
Siddeswhara Krupa Hall at Yediyur Siddalingeswhara temple surroundings.

The Bangalore Mirror Entertainment Editor Shyamprasad a law graduate married a law graduate K Vasudha in the
presence of elders of the family. It was the wish of Vasudha grandmother that the marriage should be held at 95
kilometers away from Bengaluru at the religious center of Sri Siddalingeshwara Swamy temple surroundings in

Some of the Shyamprasad professional colleagues from Bengaluru attended wedding. Shyamprasad a well known
cinema journalist too received the first guest in the morning Lahari Recording Company Velu. Later actor Kishore
and director three films R Chandru joined the marriage ritual.

After the lunch Shyamprasad and Vasudha arrived for the reception in the afternoon at 1.30 pm

Shyamprasad wedding reception is arranged for 13th of February 2011. www.chitratara.com wishes a happy and
prosperous married life to the newly married couple.

Meanwhile the joke on the fun loving Shyamprasad marriage is that – Shyamaprasad got married in ‘Yediyur’. What
he will be next year? He will be YEDIYURAPPA. For the same message sent to him Shyamprasad replies ‘Ha ha
Haa…but no scam’

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