BAIRAGI BEST IN EMOTIONS - Rating 3.5/5 ****
Posted date: 01 Fri, Jul 2022 08:01:16 PM

Duration – 134 minutes, Category – Emotional drama, Score – 3.5/5

Title – BAIRAAGI, Producer – Krishna Sarthak, Director – SD Vijay Milton, Music – Anoop Seelin, Cinematography – Vijay Milton, Cast – Dr Shivarajakumar, Dolly Dhananjay, Prithvi Ambar, Shashikumar, Anjali, Yasha Shivakumar, Anu Prabhakar, Sharat Lohitashva and others.

This is a well made absorbing film in the second half and the concern for the society and the message coming from an actor like Dr Shivarajakumar is a right thought. Director Vijay Milton for his Tamil subject (Kadugu Tamil film) made a thorough alteration and made it a good family pack. The advancement made to the 2017 subject is appreciable.

The film is lengthy but the presentation is appealing from director Vijay Milton. He has got the right artists like Shivanna, Dolly Dhananjay, Prithvi Ambar, Anjali, Sharat Lohitashva and others to scale up the film. The highpoint is that bringing in the social cause in a commercial entertainer.

The young brain affected by the harassment sexually is going to have a great impact. The future life becomes an uphill task. A young girl and the female protagonist falling to the evil eyes and how they overcome it is the inner layer of the film.

On knowing who is involved in it, the protagonist makes a frantic effort to punish the culprit but even before that the second male protagonist in the film changes the atmosphere. The film has many qualities to boast about. There is no doubt about it.

There is good scope for action and many touching situations that Vijay Milton brings in as a cinematographer. Anoop Seelin also gets good mileage as three of his tunes are on top.

It is a peppy combination of Shivarajakumar and Prithvi Ambar. The new actor from ‘Diya’ Prithvi is in a very comfortable zone acting with senior actor Dr Shivarajakumar.

The combination of ‘Tagaru’ – Shivanna and Dolly Dhananjay is one step ahead. For the sin committed Dolly takes the right decision. Dr Shivarajakumar explaining the soul of life via a mirror example is touching in the end. There is a tough action between Dr Shiv and Dolly Dhananjay – a feast for the fans.

Initially Shivappa (this was the title at the muhurut) is in Huli Vesha. He cannot tolerate the disturbance. Once meeting an extreme stage he goes behind the bard. An honest cop gives him the right advice and takes him to a different place. In an unknown place Shivappa and the cop reside but various developments take place.

There is no drop in the strength, ability and approach of Dr Shivarajakumar. He gives another best performance again. He has managed the silent and violent portion impeccably.

Dhananjay as Karna had fallen perfectly to the role and his character from good to bad to good is special in his career.

Anjali returns after ‘Rana Vikrama’ with Power star Puneeth Rajakumar in elder brother Dr Shivarajakumar film ‘Bairaagi’. She has emoted well and gets good attention. The pretty looking Yasha Shivakumar is very promising and has good days ahead in her profession.

This is a film for all age groups and for the social concern that deserves full back up. 

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