Posted date: 8/November/2008

I don’t want to talk about the director Sharan and ‘Poojary’ film’. It is the blessings of the god that he got such a nice producer for ‘Poojary’. Adhi Lokesh who shot in to fame from Bidda in ‘Jogi’ speaks about his bad experience of ‘Poojary’ Kannada film.

Firstly the director carried a statement that said ‘Bidda is now Poojary’. I told him not to carry the earlier film for the current film but he did that despite of request. Secondly and most importantly the director of ‘Poojary’ did not invite Adhi Lokesh for dubbing. When he accidentally went to a private dubbing studio he was surprised to know the dubbing of his portion completed for ‘Poojary’. For no mistake and not behaving badly I have been a scapegoat. Now I am not interesting in talking about that film and that director. There was a lot of discussion in the making too but director did not budge says Adhi Lokesh. For that reason he was secluded in a room for eight months disconnecting all his contacts. His wife gave courage and he started his career again now.

Going ahead with villain role and hero is not an easy joke. Adhi Lokesh speaks very high about the role he is doing in ‘Raj-the showman’ of director Prem. He has high hopes on ‘Nishedhagne’ and ‘Gang Leader’.

As of now ‘Gang Leader’ of Adhi Lokesh where he plays is all set for release. He has half a dozen of offers on hand.

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