Posted date: 25/May/2011

It is a new history written in the Indian cinema! ‘Jogaiah’ the century film of superstar Shivarajakumar in the direction of hat trick director Prem and that is produced by Smt Rakshita Prem has crossed over one lakh audio sale all over Karnataka.

This is an oasis for the sinking audio house Ashwini Media Network now headed by Krishnaprasad. Krishnaprasad is extremely happy and his faced is saved now with the mega hit.

At the 37 Crescent Hotel on Monday night there was an upbeat mood. Producer Rakshika was blown further in happiness and obviously her husband Prem’s stupendous job.

Director Prem in his address stated that this is a record sale. I was bit apprehensive in the beginning but it worked out well. The Ashwini Media Network is not able feed the demand is the situation as over one lakh in five days was tremendous response. For the title card and a song Odole…. 3D technique made by the Harry Potter team is working he mentioned. There is another big audio release explained Prem. If the audio is good it will make kicking business the people of Karnataka have proved it said Prem. The amount spent on audio is four times big compared to anyone big cinema is the opinion of director Prem.

V Harikrishna wanted to give a good gift to Shivarajakumar with hat trick director Prem from the beginning. That has happened he feels.

Shivarajakumar in simple words stated that it is winning for music director and it is for us to show the strength. For my 25th wedding year – 19th May there cannot be anything bigger than this said Shivanna.

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