Posted date: 17/January/2011

What a coincidence! Jaggesh heading the Vice President of KSRTC and his film named as ‘Double Decker’! Fortunately in KSRTC there is no double Decker but it is only in BMTC!
Jaggesh kept quiet after last year ‘Lift Kodala’ and it is not because he was busy in the political activities but he was searching for the right script. He got around eight offers nothing inspired him. It was only when his friends Srinivas, Sampath were discussing on the religious matter went to Sri Lakshminarayana temple in Vellore that was started by Sri Ramanujacharaya the actual thread was formed.
One of the friends of Jaggesh who also runs the comedy show in fact provided the script for the subject of Jaggesh. He was maintaining two wives and they are happy. How it happened is interesting. In the similar way Jaggesh has two wives – Shradda Arya and Aditi Gautami. After marriage one the protagonist is forced to marry another one. Till interval the dilly-dallying continues but at the end of the interval another Jaggesh appears. Who is he? What happens later when one of the two wives traces the truth….you have to watch the film and laugh with the dialogues of Rajendra Karanth says Jaggesh.
For that reason the first shot was captured on Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy that will be used as graphic presentation in the film ‘Double Decker’.
What Jaggesh has realized from this film ‘Double Decker’ is that he has the capacity to titillate the tent and PVR crowd. He was told by many to utilize his power of comedy.
The film regular shoot in the direction of Victory Vasu starts from 20th of this month. It will be shot in Bangalore and for songs the team is likely to go to Mangalore. Director Vasu has directed two films of Jaggesh Patela and Kodagana Koli Nungitha earlier.
The main producer for the film is Srinivas an import-export businessman in Bangalore. He has been the friend of Jaggesh for 25 years and time has come to do a good film now he says with a smile.
Shradda Arya from Telugu industry and Aditi Gautami has acted in Kannada film ‘Madhuve Mane’.
The man behind many music director making big name and fame Jaipal is scoring the music for this film. Jaggesh has become a fan of his working style and invited him to score the music. Jaipal worked for ‘Lift Kodla’ in the re-recording department.
Sudarshan plays Swamiji and feels at home with Jaggesh and his team. Aravind, Nanda are also in important roles.
Smt Parimala Jaggesh addressing the media on this occasion was down memory lane and remembered the days of staying in the house Nanda friend of her husband. One dialogue was told by two in the films in those days. Each one was putting a scheme not for wrong things but to remain in the limelight. Now everything has changed and God has been very kind in our journey stated intelligent Smt Parimala Jaggesh.

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