Posted date: 15/September/2010

It was like ‘Adarsha Dhampathigalu’ type of interview of Dinesh Baboo and his new wife Chetana on Monday night at Atria Hotel. First the media spoke to Dinesh Baboo on his marriage and soon Chetana came for a discussion.

What is the new development after marriage in Dinesh Baboo was the question put to her first? He has reduced his anger and not going wild. The media friends were impressed with this answer because a few minutes back Dinesh Baboo told that his temper in control after marriage.

Chetana daughter of Ashalatha the top actress of Kannada cinema with consent from her mother got tied the Mangalasutra from Dinesh Baboo. A graduate in fashion designing Chetana has worked as assistant to Dinesh Baboo in three films and knowing each other one day the proposal was put before by Dinesh Baboo.

I needed a person like you as my partner Dinesh Baboo told once shocked me. This statement was told often and I thought he is alone has made him to think like that. But Babooji was serious once. He said can we get married.

When Dinesh Babooji approached my mother it was discussed for sometime and finally the consent was given for the marriage in Trivandrum temple on April 9 says Chetana.

There is 25 years gap he is double my age is not a problem. He is very intelligent and interesting personality. He is disciplined and very precise on his work. I am impressed with all these qualities of him says Chetana. I continue to work in his films as assistant and I have to get the position of associate.

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