Posted date: 10/August/2008

The Chindodi family the reputed house in Karnataka forging ahead with 80 years of existence in staging plays had a family launch on last week with the seniors Chindodi Leela and Chindodi Bangaresh supervising ‘Eshtu Nagthi Nagu’ inauguration on the Nagara Panchami day. It was so immaculately fit because the brothers and sister celebrated the festival day tying the sacred threads to each other and gave a beginning to the film that was staged more than 6000 times all over Karnataka. On the same day the KBR Drama Company launched the stage play ‘Thangiyadhalu Savathi’ at Gubbi Veeranna theatre in gandhinagar. Apparently Gubbi Veeranna theatre is the oldest one in Karnataka crossing 100 years of stay.

What is ‘Eshtu Nagthi Nagu’? it is the development after marriage of a person in the physically challenged family. One is a forgetful, another is half blind, there is a dumb and deaf, a lady in the house is like a doll comes to normalcy after an electric shock, there is a soft and Bajari girls in the house - there is Duddina Doddaiah in the climax. The essence of this film is that any mistake in life can be corrected.

‘Eshtu Nagthi Nagu’ is produced by Chindodi Srikantesha, it is directed by Chindodi Madhu, Chindodi Vijayakumar is introduced in this film in the lead role. Chindodi Bangaresh is giving the production tips. Hamsalekha, Vyasara Rao and Chindodi Bangaresh have lent the lyrics. Elukote Chandru is the cameraman and M/S Maruthi scores the music.

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