Posted date: 6/June/2010

The enthusiastic entertainment editor of prestigious daily (tabloid size) Bangalore Mirror Mr Shyam Prasad has received a threat on his life from ‘Hoo’ (starring V Ravichandran, Meera Jasmine, Namitha – released on 4th June 2010) producer Dinesh Gandhi. Mr Shyam Prasad lodged a police complaint at the Central Police Station, Chamrajpet on Saturday morning.

It is all for the review of ‘Hoo’ that was written by Shyamprasad appeared in today issue of Bangalore Mirror that irked the producer Dinesh Gandhi.

This is not the first time Dinesh Gandhi is getting in to trouble and invading the freedom of speech is a crime he is not aware. Earlier in Vayalikaval Police station limits he was beaten black and blue and he took many years to bounce back as producer from ‘Kannadadha Veera Madhakari’. Even with the superstar Sudeep the producer Dinesh Gandhi quarreled. Sudeep himself took him to task without mentioning his name.

With such a track and now in the company of dream merchant of Kannada cinema V Ravichandran the producer Dinesh Gandhi has not learnt his lessons.

Our colleague is deeply hurt. The journalist fraternity is with you Shyam.

Shyam Prasad has not made a record of the dialogues that went on between the two. But surely VCN Manju another television scribe is the witness to whatever happened when Shyamprasad picked his phone around 11.53 am in the morning.

We produce the police complaint filed by Shyam Prasad to the Central Police, Chamrajpet:


The Inspector of Police
Central Police Station
Chamrajpet, Bangalore - 18

Subject: Life threat call made to me over phone

Respected Sir,

I am a journalist working for Bangalore Mirror newspaper. At around 11.53 am today, I received a call on my mobile phone  from a 'private number.' I had just reached my office (address below) at the time. The caller identified himself as 'Dinesh Gandhi' the producer of the Kannada feature film 'Hoo.' The duration of the call was 3 minutes 11 seconds.

'Dinesh Gandhi' first asked me if I was the reporter Shyam Prasad. When I identified myself, he asked if I had written the review of the film Hoo in the newspaper today. I replied in the positive. After this he started speaking in a harsh tone.

"I have heard you have written a very bad review about the film. Just because you write a review will not make my film flop. Who are you to write negative about the film. I have already sold the film and I will not make any loss. Fans are calling me to say you have written a bad review about the film. They want your number and address. They are angry with you and want to beat you up." he said. To this I told him that writing a review is my opinion of the film and he should not have any problem with it. I also told him that fans who have read the review in the newspaper will find the address and numbers of my office in the paper itself and they had no need to call him.

Dinesh Gandhi immediately started abusing me in a very filthy language. "Loafer nan magne yaawono neenu. Nin Akkan yeshto dairya ninage. Nin amman. (Loafer my son who are you. Your sister how dare you. Your mother). I have been in Gandhinagar for so many years. I will get your hands and legs chopped off. I will kill you. I will see to it," he said and cut the call abruptly.

Since there was no number displayed on my cell as it was a private number I called up the PRO of the film DG Venkatesh . He said that producer Dinesh Gandhi had taken my number from him this morning. I took the number of Dinesh Gandhi from Venkatesh. It is 9945689581.

Since there is apparent threat to my life I request you to provide me security and consider this complaint and take sutiable action according to law against the offender.

Yours truly

S Shyam Prasad
Entertainment Editor
Bangalore Mirror
VPL, No 4, Pampa Mahakavi Road,
Chamrajpet, Bangalore-560018.

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