Posted date: 3/April/2010

Tapping the musical talent of Dalits and Tribal community all over Karnataka and showcasing it no one has done with an exception to universities that dealt on the research work done by Academies and at University level.

The famous composer and lyricist besides a comedy actor V Manohar has taken up an uphill task to store the music of such neglected community people. Manohar formed ‘Bhoomigeetha Trust’ to tap the musical caliber of such people and lend it to the present genre. The educated class of this community are also deviating away from the rich traditions is also the concern.

Instead of such art form especially music becoming orphan or dieing out eventually it has to be brought under one roof informs V Manohar. He has formed the trust with Prof Baraguru Ramachandrappa, Hamsalekha, Dr Mohan Alva, KC Ramamurthy, Mysore Janni, Kuruva Basavaraju, Dr Kikkeri Narayana, Amrutha Someshwara, HK Balasoori and Bhasker Das.

Dr Kikkeri Narayan of CII Mysore has seen very closely the rich culture and tradition of tribal people from last 35 years. The language of the people and their culture is coming to an end situation. There is inferiority complex among them. Jenu Kurubas for example are fast moving away from the memory with urbanization. There are 54 types of tribal people living in Karnataka he says.

The basic voice of such people has to represent in the forefront recommends Mysore Janni a prolific singer. The tribal music is older to folklore believes Janni.

‘Bhoomigeetha Trust’ is conducting a workshop in Mysore and inviting the tribal and dalits to expose their talent in music.

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