Posted date: 6/April/2010

As usual the 40th Karnataka state film awards evening for 2007-2008 was not free from tension, confusion, dust allergy to so many in a long stretch program.

The eye witness account of and photographs clicked in the three and half hours program are divided in to two parts. Firstly we give the glaring mistakes here for the correction in the coming years events.

  • The program did not begin on time. The 120x80 huge stage had two seating arrangements one for the ministers and chief guests and to the left was for the award winners. In addition to it there was another stage on the left of the main dais that was not able to see anything going on the main dais.
  • Firstly the seats for Dr Girish Kasaravalli, Basanthkumar Patil were not put up properly. Information director Vishukumar apologized on the spot wrote the names and pasted on the chairs avoided further controversy. The gentle nature of Dr Girish and Basanth was appreciable at this stage.
  • The artists who had come from Bangalore had to sit on the left side dais and watch the program on the huge screens was the arrangement. But all those who sat there in the beginning shifted from that place to the open space in front of the main dais. There was chaos as veteran Chinne Gowda was caught with the barricades for a few minutes.
  • Vacating the photographers and police personnel the place was made for artists to sit and watch the show.
  • The home ground of Karnataka chief minister, BJP state President and others witnessed power fluctuation for seven minutes when Vijaya Raghavendra came on the dais with co dancers.
  • The Award committee member’s names announcement was regular practice. Instead a chair for chairman of the awards committee Kesari Haravu was arranged. He had to sit and blink and even after vote of thanks made by information director there was no mention of his presence. Noticing the glaring mistake he was invited for a garland when Sudeep took over the stage to treat his fans.
  • The anchoring of Lakshmi Hegde and Srujan Lokesh deserved to be better. There were many flaws and Srujan was shaky in the beginning.
  • Sudeep concluded the four hours state award event with a Kannada song Dov Dov Dhuniya Kano…..was not liked by many. The famous song of the film industry Huttidare Kannada Nadalli…..was right way of concluding.
  • The footsteps of Kannada cinema shown on big screen were not visually good. The anchor Laxmi Hegde saying Adachane Abhasa naduve….was uncalled for.
  • Dr Vishnuvardhana has won two national awards for Harakeya Kuri and Muthina Hara was a wrong announcement made on this occasion.
  • Instead of G Murthy Hosmane G Murthy was announced but in the clippings it was G Murthy and the right man came up to receive the best art director award.
  • The crowd going Ho Ho….for information minister speech was a major testing of patience.
  • State award here afterwards on Ugadi day said information minister Khatta Subramania Naidu but Dr Jayamala disagreed to this announcement.
  • Dr Baraguru Ramachandrappa, Agni Sridhar, Renuka Sharma for ill health, Dr SPB did not come to the state film awards event to receive the awards declared to them.
  • The anchor Srujan Lokesh saying the awards evening is telecast in Udaya TV and by a local channel in Shimoga so please sit at home and watch the program shown immaturity in the anchor.
  • While it was very small place the lunch was arranged in the sunny Shimoga city and in the night dinner was arranged in a beautiful location country club. The problem for this was to reach. The vehicles to reach the very dark way were made was right thinking.
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