Posted date: 26 Fri, Nov 2021 06:40:52 AM
A team of software techies working in their free time prepared ‘Consilium’ (A Latin Word) Kannada film and the meaning of it is ‘Advice’. This is a science fiction psychological thriller. There is also a parallel meaning to ‘Consilium’ such as planning, purpose, wisdom, judgment etc.

 A good-looking Samarth is the hero and director of this film who worked on this script in 2011 and put it before the camera with actors in 2018. He had done 100 days shoot over a period of two years. Avid reader of Dr SL Byrappa novels Yaana, Naayi Neralu and others Samarth inspired from English movies too. Censor has given U/A certificate for this film. In December or January 2022 the film is expected to hit the silver screen.

Preetham is second lead in the film, Archana Lakhmi and Kushi Achar in female lead, Reshma Rao wife of director Samarth is executive producer, Sudarshanhandled cinematography, Dwaipayan Singh is composer of meaning.

Veteran Jagadish Malnad (best friend of Shankar Nag) is in a scientist role. He remembered the ‘Chandamana’ tales working for this film. He is the Soothradara and also villain in the film. How his role comes to an end is also something different.

It is a Seetharam Shastri production. The shoot for this film was held at Bengaluru and Sakleshpur surroundings. The post production work for the film is in progress. 
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