Chilli Chicken North-East Migrants Life Story
Posted date: 23 Sun, Jun 2024 11:03:56 AM
The life of migrants from northern states or north-east who come and settle in Bangalore is literally like hell.
no money; no home; However, the attitude of people who live in nest-like places and work in hotels and restaurants is sometimes crazy.

The hero of the story, who aspires to become an ideal businessman, opens a Chinese restaurant and exposes himself to the test of luck. Later it becomes noodle house..

But there are more incidents that happen to his luck. Money is being stolen from the cash counter. The good boy who discovers it will be the hero.

The dishes prepared at the restaurant are popular in the North East. People here like it more. But the lack of coordination between the ideal and the cooking boys poses many problems..

Mainly the lives of the boys who come as innocents from other states are not worth it. If there is an accidental reconciliation, the film depicts Rajayoga.

Kerala-based director Prateek Pradosh`s foray into commercial films stands out as he follows the pattern of natural films.

The lack of logic in the film is the real expression of the helplessness, arrogance, irresponsibility and arrogance of boys named Khaba, Zeeba, Ajoy. If you forget that, the film will be bearable.

BV Shringa, Rini, Nityashree, Bijou Tanjim, Victor Toudam, Jimpa Bhutia, Tamthin Thokchom, Hirak Sonowal are all acting very real.

But Padmaja Rao`s acting and some parts of the film are equally abnormal.

Music by Siddhanth Sundar, Cinematography by Srish Tomar complements the film.
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