Posted date: 30/August/2009

Most of the popular stars do not want to know the charity or good deeds they do! What is given in the right hand they do not want left hand to know! But media wants such things to come to people at large! The only intention is that the others can follow such magnanimous work. This is a case of challenging star Darshan doing a great job that is worth following by others.

In the recent ‘Porkhi’ shooting Darshan showed exemplary attitudes. In the first case he jumped from a height that is normally done by the dupes. But Darshan immediately doing it according to the agreement was given Rs.15000. Just after collecting the money Darshan distributed Rs.5000 each to the three dupes who have not worked. I have snatched their work but they should not curse me what Darshan explain.

In another case of glass breaking scene the most dangerous was taken part by stuntmen with Darshan. This time Darshan took money from his pocket and distributed a few thousands to the stuntmen.

Such gratitude is what we feel should come before the media.

Here is another touching case. At the same ‘Porkhi’ shooting spot Darshan promised to meet four Cancer affected children and extended a party to the children and parents. The first day he could not come on time and children left the place. Next day he invited them again but two children had died and only two children were alive. He spent time with the cancer children offered his affection the children enjoyed thoroughly. The next day the announcement came that brought tears in the eyes of Darshan. The remaining two children his fans also died. Darshan visited the house of children and for remembrance brought the small sweater and cap the children used to wear and kept it in his house.

Humanity is first and generosity follows!

Manohar. R.(Manu),
Photo Journalist
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