Posted date: 25/November/2010

The biggest in her career so far ‘Arya-2’ in Telugu does not interest her is the news as of now from Shradda Das who has 12 films to her credit and degree in Journalism from Mumbai University. She plays the ultra modern girl in Kannada film in her debut in ‘Hosa Prema Purana’.

Shradda Das is not like every Mumbai girl. She is a simpleton. She can take a walk with oil stamped on hair with slippers cross the roads in Mumbai to eat Paani Poori her favorite. Of course she has achieved from her nine releases so far. Her parents have bought a house and a car for her. Shradda Das knows about KC Das the mouth watering sweet stall on MG Road. She does not want to scratch and know whether anyone is related to her. Shradda has done what her parents have said. She is with her ideologies in life.

Shradda Das is a sweet girl with one film each in Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and eight films in Telugu. South India is safe she says and it is from south India earnings I was able to get a house but I have not seen it yet she says without mincing words. I am not diplomatic says this kick boxing expert Das.

The weakness in me is that I am not a double standard. I am not thick skinned. I am a straightforward person. Standing before the camera from ‘Lahore’ Shradda Das says after working in south films she started getting good sleep.

Shradda Das has finished her film with director Madhu Bhandarkar ‘Dil To Bacche Jaise Thu’. Doing various kinds of roles like a psycho, struggler, radio jockey etc Shradda Das has interest in action movies. It is not because she is a kick boxer.

I have avoided some of the mistakes in my professional career after watching the film ‘Arya-2’. Except glam doll kind of role there is nothing for me. So I insisted on my future films to be both glamorous and with stuff to perform. I am an emotional and sensitive girl in life. As for as the industry is concerned I am practical says Shradda.

Shradda’s interest in visual field developed when she was a kid. She watched the Miss Universe crowned on Sushmitha Sen. From that day what she thought is slowly materializing. Stardom has not struck me. I know it is temporary. You are appreciated and criticized.

Shradda Das is a part of ‘Nagavalli’ the remake of ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ by director P Vasu in which Victory Venkatesh is playing Dr Vishnuvardhana 200th film role.

Shradda knows how to enjoy the small and tiny things in life. She with Sruthi her eight years long only one friend bring clay to the home and prepare the Ganesha during festivals and says ‘Gapathi Bappa Moria’!

What does she want to become with films coming one after the other to her? I want to be a news anchor in one of the channels.

Dasanagu Visheshanagu aptly suits Shradda Das because she is doing every work with devotion. That Shradda Bhakthi is giving her rich dividends!

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