Posted date: 03 Sun, Oct 2021 07:26:19 PM
It happens like that. When we look at the younger generation the memories of self-rebounds in mind. That is what happened for national award winning highly respected actor Dattanna alias HG Dattatreya.

In a chat, he recalled his father, a Gandhian in principles on Gandhi Jayanthi day, October 2 at Renukamba Digital theatre where he had come to bless Sumukha young director`s adventure. Recalling the principles of his father, Dattanna also said he does not take alcohol on this day because of his Gandhian principles. My father saw me smoking at a young age and that is for professional purposes. Later he did not say anything. When veteran journalist YN Krishnamurthy came to know the Gandhian principles of Dattanna father, he stated ‘Your father is Gandhivadhi and you are Brandhivadhi’. Dattanna has his own set up for necessities of his life at home. He takes classes for the youths who come with scripts and shapes them well. In the meantime, ‘Bajji, Bonda and Brandhi’ is at his expense.

Coming up on stage on demand at the teaser launch of ‘Physics Teacher’ Dattanna went back to his 34 years ago first press meet he attended with veterans like GV Iyer and Dr Vijaya on a stage at Davanagere. I was apprehensive, things worked out well, and the fear of the media got out of my mind.

Look at the youths today who address the media so well. I thought Prerana is ‘Alumunji’ but the level of confidence she has is wonderful. So is Sumukha, he is ‘Hatamaari’. Once in younger days he wanted to go to ‘Wonderla’ but his father Shashikumar abstained from it, he did not give his ‘Hata’ eventually he was taken to that picnic spot.

I see some strong shades of positivity in the contents from this small trailer. Physics is part of our family. My elder brother was an expert in ‘Quantum Physics’. He did not take up any subjects in his school days either. After SSLC, he got a direct appointment to IISC. Such a jump in education is very rare, Dattanna recalled. He used to talk to himself a lot. Once I was also spotted changing my hands driving a scooter and making some points. That was the acting ability I had. Dattanna says where there is ‘Effort and Hard Work’ success ought to follow. Overall the confidence of this team leads to good levels, Dattanna hoped. 
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