Posted date: 11 Mon, Jul 2022 08:46:26 AM

The new Kannada film ‘David’ made at the Covid time earns laurels even before the release. This film was seen at the Cannes Film festival and reached conditional agreement on the business side. A minimum collection shown would get the double returns.

The prestigious issue for ‘David’ team was announced by anchor Vinayak Joshi as he is a close friend of Shreyas Chinga debut actor at the trailer launch at Puttanna Chetty Town Hall on Saturday night.

‘David’ is the directorial debut of choreographer Bargav Yogambar also starring Peter Grabinski, Samhita B Atrey, Shreyas Chinga and others screened in the India Pavilion at the film festival. The hero’s perspective, it’s a love story. But from the director’s perspective, it’s a murder mystery, a crime thriller. There is one incident which connects all the four stories. And there is more than one David in the film -- that is the mystery.

The only song in the film ‘David’ from All OK Eno Helabekeniside….released on Saturday night along with the trailer of the film by Dhanraj Babu. The main producer is Prasad Rudramuni but he has five friends as investors for this film.

Shreyas Chinga debut actor with name in advertisement field introduced on stage via dance performance and he says after Dr Rajakumar it is the rocking star Yash took Kannada to the heights. He wants one Pan India film for one week from Kannada filmdom.

This film journey was with an Iphone shooting and then producer hunt started for Shreyas Chinga and Yogambar. It is a technicians cinema, he says. We have shot in Karnataka and the Thailand portion is also shot here he says.

Arjun Nittoor, grandson of pride personality of Kannada Nadu late Justice Nittoor Srinivas Rao is taking the film to a different level via promotions. He had worked for nearly 50 plus films. He runs a film tech company.

There was all round applause for 15 years Rohan for writing a song in this film. Avinash, Sara Harish, Rakesh Adiga, Pratap Narayan and others are part of the cast. Devendra and Steve R worked behind the camera for this film.


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