Posted date: 3/December/2010

The state award winning music director the lakhs of audience heart winner for his comedy roles Sadhu Kokila is returning as producer in the Kannada film ‘90’ that does not emphasize on gulping one full peg but explaining the ill effects of it in a comedy style.

Sadhu Kokila has decided to restrict his drink limit to only ‘90’ after this film and only once he had 30 and attended the shooting in his career. In this film ‘90’ Shakeela the sex queen who once gave a run for top actors films is coming back to Kannada cinema.

Sadhu Kokila produced No.1 Kannada film – starring Ramkumar and Vijayalakshmi banking on the director KV Raju but he had to lose heavily from his maiden film. He started gulping 90 after this loss because of financial worries.

It was during the journey to Mysore Sadhu Kokila heard the story line of the film from director Shanker and given green signal to produce the film. This will be a lesson to the people on the Mahatma Gandhi philosophy. For worries and tensions having a drink is not the answer says the film. The fifty percent of the film will be shot in bar atmosphere for this film. The comedy track in the second half takes different turn.

If you hear the remuneration of Rangayana Raghu it is difficult to meet. He has agreed to act just for one rupee payment informed Sadhu Kokila. Master Hirannaiah, Biradar, Bullet Prakash, Raju Thalikote, Tabala Naani, Mithra, Doddanna, V Manohar, Nagaraj Kote, Kuri Pratap, RT Rama, Hemalatha, Layendra are in the cast.

Lucky Shanker of Zamana, Gandhinagar, question mark films has given the narration of the film to the Censor chief and got his approval for a clean U certificate. This is perhaps the first time in Kannada cinema.

According to cameraman Krishnakumar working with Sadhu Kokila who is also a director too is a lively job. He has worked with him for Rakshasa and Anatharu.

No one should become like ‘Inthi Ninna Preethiya’ says Sadhu Kokila in a nut shell. ‘90’ Kudi Palti Hodi…is the catch line for this film.

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