Posted date: 16/February/2009

None of my earlier films had so much of shades like in ‘Raj-The Showman’ says the current ‘Raja’ of Kannada cinema box office the power star Puneeth Rajakumar. In the attire of ‘Ayyappa’ Puneeth Rajakumar described how determined is director Prem and that has in fact made him to be more attentive of course with the usual hard work. The director is the hero of the film agrees Puneeth Rajakumar. The style and planning of Prem and producer giving everything asked without an inquiry has made the work flow free. Puneeth wish is that director like Prem should work for three films a year. The technical support for this film is extremely good an now the media plus the most important the audience have to give acceptance for ‘Raj – The Showman’ made with lot of care and affection said Puneeth Rajakumar.

The independence given to perform and variations the role had made me to put more energy. I had to study the role only in this cinema but not in other earlier films. So much of life the director had put in. when it comes to dialogues it was the diction we use in our ‘Nagaththe’ house. It was easy and Shivanna’s ‘Jogi’ accent was similar to it. Puneeth also explained the straight hair he has in this film that was bit cumbersome for a few days. Now whether it is good or bad I want to know when the film is released said Puneeth Rajakumar.

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