Posted date: 18/September/2008

The 199th film of Dr.Vishnuvardhana is his pet producer K.Manju’s 25th. That is titled as ‘Naane Bere Nanna Style Bere’. This will be directed by renowned television maker and actor Sihikahi Chandru.

Manju does not want to be a part of the 200th film of Dr.Vishnuvardhana because his astrology does not permit two zeroes. His lucky number is 9 and so the 199th film is fine for him. Adding all the three digits we get 18 and one plus eight is also nine says K.Manju. The making of this film will be fantastic and there will be tremendous effort and new things not unheard or unseen you would find in ‘Naane Bere Nanna Style Bere’ says K.Manju brimming with happiness.

‘I have a loan of Rs.5 crores in this profession’ – this is the losses I have suffered so far and ‘Rama Shama Bhama’ gave me good name. The film ‘Aramane’ is not profitable for me although it ran for 100 days. The statement of Nagashekhar that the film ‘Aramane’ made Rs.7.5 crores is illogical and incorrect. Over and above four crores of rupees investment if anyone finds additional earning it would be his says K.Manju confidently. He has in the queue for release ‘Rajakumari’ in September end, ‘Olave Jeena Lekkachara’ in October and ‘Yogi’ is set for release in November.

On the losses of Rs.2 crores from ‘Mathad Mathad Mallige’ K.Manju is not disturbed. The film won two awards at the competition of feature films in Kerala and they wondered why such a fine film was not received the audience in Karnataka disclosed Manju.

Meanwhile K.Manju has missed the opportunity to act as producer in ‘Raj-The Showman’. He wanted to move for the shooting with luggage but he received a phone call from Dr.Vishnuvardhana. The reason for getting this phone call is my wife. She had telephoned Dr.Vishnuvardhana and told her opinion that her husband should not act in the cinema. The phone call I received was in favor of my wife. I had to obey my wife because she is the one who look after me throughout in life. Likewise any film that is obscene I am not interested in making. Because I have promised my mother before coming to this profession says K.Manju.

After giving up the opportunity then I thought I should do what I know. I should not grab the opportunity of others informed Manju in hurricane interview with a very few media friends on Wednesday night at KSCA Club.

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