Posted date: 3/July/2009

The controversy related to the dubbing cinema telecast in Suvarana Kannada channel twice a lot of hullabaloo is in the air and directly the trio elders – KCN Chandrasekhar (sitting President of Kannada Film Producers Association, two times former SIFCC President and KFCC President), HN Maruthi (currently Cinema Academy member and known producer holding positions in KFCC) and AR Raju (The current Vice President of Film Federation of India and former KFCC President) – all holding key posts expressed regret for being part of the dubbed Kannada cinema that is banned in Karnataka since 1960. On more than four occasions in the past the dubbing was taught a lesson.

It was movement in the early 60’s by film and literary personalities that later became a binding not to allow dubbed Kannada cinema in Karnataka. When Sanjay Khan, Udaya TV, Doodarshan, SV Rajendra Singh Babu attempted for dubbing it received lethal blows – an actor and rationalist GK Govinda Rao for taking part in the dubbing film ‘Bharat 2000’ announced not to take one year payment for his profession.

It has gone out of our control and we did not do anything intentionally yet the TS Nagabharana committee submitted a report to the state government stating ‘Shwethanagara’ is a dubbed cinema after watching it. Still we persist that we did not do the dubbed cinema argued KCN with Maruthi and AR Raju sitting next to him. ‘Uddesha Poorvaka Alla, Mana Poorvaka Vishadha’ was very often told at the media address.

We all three hold important positions and contributed to the cinema industry. KFCC had called a meeting on this matter. The KFCC asked us to go to the media and explain it to the people of the Karnataka.

Now that the trio apologized and finally agreed we would not commit the mistake done once was enough. Had Shashikumar agreed to do this cinema everything would have been fine. On the issue of dubbing if we prolong and go to court we will be on the winning side remarked the trio.

On the same day morning veteran actor Srinivasamurthy harshly attacked the dubbed film makers at the muhurut of ‘Gokula’ Kannada cinema. ‘Sagoni Thinno Kelasa Madidavarige’ punishment should be given he said.

In the evening the crazy star V.Ravichandran said the culprits in the case of dubbing cinema should be charged heavy penal fee and it should be deposited to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce.

Meanwhile the Survarna Channel that telecast the dubbed Kannada film ‘Shwethanagara’ twice sent apology letter and urged the KFCC to take action on those who misguided them that lead to hurting of sentiments of Kannadigas.

The film ‘Shwethanagara’ was sold to Mahesh Kothari a middle man in Gandhinagar and he sold the rights of the film to Suvarna Kannada channel for a hefty price.

At one point of time the trio who have worked for more than three decades in the Kannada cinema industry said they are ready to face any strictures when they were told that they have done ‘Kannadadha Drohadha Kelasa’.

The next point is who should be punished? It is time for Kannadigas to speak up on this issue and give their verdict.


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