Posted date: 20/September/2008

Ever since the beginning of 2007 it has been rain of launches and the wash out of films! Very few films reached the top in the collection. It is only the Puneeth Rajakumar who is riding the success cap in Kannada cinema with his ‘Bindhaas’ ensuring the full returns with no tension to the producer. He has ‘Vamshi’ set for release and the happy news is that Puneeth Rajakumar’s ‘Milana’ has completed one full year screening on this September 14 at PVR Cinema Hall. Golden star Ganesh has slipped from the success horse as his ‘Aramane’ and ‘Bombaat’ were not convincing while ‘Gaalipata’ did good business

Out of 175 films launched from January 2007 to December 2007 many of the films did not complete while maximum of films crashed in the box office. In 2008 already 95 films went on the floor till September 15 and there are 200 plus titles registered at the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce.

While the credit for such flood of films goes to ‘Mungaru Male’ and ‘Dhuniya’ but why the flood gate of misfortune for innumerable films? That is because of lack of exercise, no experience, taken for granted attitude, hopeless scripts, the faces not bearable on screen, the real estate boom, laxity in knowing what has come and gone etc.

Look at the super flops of 70 plus films released in 2008 that were expected to do better in the box office – Prachanda Ravana, Kodagana Koli Nungitha, Gange Bare Thunge Baare, Kamannana Makkalu, Accident, Minchina Ota, Avva, Honganasu, Anthu Inthu Preethi Banthu, Zindagi, Citizen, Vasanthakala, Nee Tata Na Birla, Channa, Akasha Gange, Neene Neene, Bandhu Balaga, Arju, Inthi Ninna Preethiya, Yuga Yugale Sagali, Beladingallagi Baa, Shivani, Varasdhara, Baaba and Inthi Ninna Preethiya, Maadesha, Navashakthi Vaibhava, Hani Hani, Manasugala Mathu Madhura.

What the director of 2007 Yogaraj Bhat – ‘Mungaru Male’ could not repeat in ‘Gaalipata’ his counter part Soori of ‘Dhuniya’ crashed miserably in his second film ‘Inthi Ninna Preethiya’.

Among the super hit and average hits of 2008 we could find Indhra, Ghooli, Mussanje Mathu, Moggina Manasu, Nanda loves Nanditha, Meravanige, Taj Mahal, Aramane, Mr Garagasa, Sathya in Love, Bindhaas, Gaalipata, Bombaat and Gaja. This is out of 70 films released so far in the year 2008. ‘Dheemaku’ is yet to give show the progress in the box office.

In the 2007 launches the films that are expected high in the queue for release are Rajakumari, Gandhi Smiles, Bhimoos Bang Bang Kids, Meghave Meghave, Manjina Hani, Budhivantha, Navagraha, Vaayuputra, Payana, Mukyamantri I Love You, Akka Thangi, Ganga Cauvery, Chickamagalura Chickmallige, Eddelu Manjunatha, Psycho, Neenyare, Patre Love Padma, have to hit the screen.

Among the 2008 launches that has already crossed 95 mark some of the expected films that should come in the coming months are – Sihigali, Shivamani, Baaji Theertha, Veera Madhakari, Mast Maja Madi, Slum Bala, Junglee, Putta, Gulama, Nannavanu, Anu, Olave Jeevana Lekkachara, Nam Yajamanru, Master, Paramesha Panwala, Hodimaga, Nanda, Raaj –the Showman, Vamshi, Janumadha Gelathi, Male Barali Manjoo Irali, Haage Summane, Jothegara, Ullasa, Gauthama, Yogi, Ambari, Sangama, Circur etc.

That means the flood of films at the theatres will not stop.

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