Posted date: 4/February/2009

It was yet another rare and memorable evening at the ‘Amrutha Maathu – Manthana’ of film journalists on Monday at the Green House Raj Milan. The Green House Raj Milan never had so much of discussion on the icon of Kannada cinema Dr.Rajakumar especially after renaming it. The multifaceted personality responsible for this was SA.RA.GOVINDU – In the front of Dr.Rajakumar Fans Association with 9000 branches all over, a trust worthy person of Dr.Rajkumar family, a dear friend of S.A.Govindaraju who later became his boss, a man with right spirits in cinema making, a good debater on the issues of Kannada and Kannada cinema Govindu is also known as good Samaritan. Losing his wife at a very young age and sacrificing his life from last five years for his three children he evolved as a caring father too in many facets he opened up on Monday evening.

We give you some of the highlights of two hours meet the press of Sa.Ra.Govindu at the second event of ‘Amrutha Mathu – Manthana’ evolved to coincide with the Amrutha Mahotsava of Kannada cinema.

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