Posted date: 21/February/2011

‘Appaji and Appanna (Varadappa) are my two eyes’. Shivarajakumar attending the memorable SP Varadaraju Atmiyara Balaga awards evening felt in his address.
Looking at the four daughter of his favorite Chikkappa Varadaraju (younger brother of his father) he assured the four daughter of Appanna that he will be like a shadow guarding them. All the four are very intelligent and highly brilliant guys of our family are Varadappanna daughters expressed Shivanna.
I was guarded very well by Appanna’. Once I stole ‘Mavina Kaayi’ in the farm of my uncle. Someone chased me and scolded. It was a very young age. Appanna looking at this scolded the one who chased me too much. For him no one should say anything to me or beat me at any cost. He was getting wild. ‘En antha Thilkoddira….avanu Mavina Kayi itkondirodhu….Chinna Kaddha Hage hodoyok Barthiralla…Hushaar…. Is what Varadappanna told – Shivanna remembered.
I think Varadappanna and my father discussed and left the earth in two months gap. All good qualities in my life I have got from Appanna – Shivanna saluted the legendary SP Varadarju.


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