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K S Vasu

Duration – 140 minutes, Category – Family Drama, Score – 4/5

Title – Govinda Govinda, Producers – Shailender Babu, Ravi Garani, Kishor Madhugiri, Direction – Tilak, Music – Hitan Haasan, Cinematography – K S Chandrasekhar, Cast – Sumanth Shailender, Kavitha Gowda, Bhavana Menon, Roopesh Shetty, Achyuth Kumar, Shobaraj,Vijay Chendur, Pawan Kumar, Padma Vasanthi, Kaddipudi Chandru, Srinivasa Prabhu and others.

The Kannada film Govinda Govinda is flooded with entertainment values and the second half is excellent.  The laugh riot besides a few moral values lift the quality of this film GG the debut direction of Tilak who is inspired from Telugu film Brocheraevurara.

Almost all characters are with Lord Venkateshwara synonym names and the high point is repentance and the theory of a place for everything and everything in its own place falling right.

The film focuses on certain family values. How we should keep track of growing children and how cautiously we have to deal with certain problems faced by them and solving it with utmost care.

We have Alamelu , Kavitha Gowda aspiring to become a famous Bharatanatyam dancer.  She has represented the state but her father forces her to go to college and tuition.  She becomes sick of her father.  Anyone yelling at her father is happy. She wants to get out of the house.

We have Venki , Sumanth, two friends Vijay Chendur and Pawan Kumar studying in the same college in Bijapura.

They hatch a plot to teach a lesson to Alamelu`s father, played by Achyuth Kumar, who is principal in a college. Alamelu comes up with the idea of a kidnap drama for ransom of Rs.8 lakhs. The trio kidnap friend Alamelu and succeed.  Alamelu, taking that money, decided to settle in Bengaluru and enhance career in Bharatanatyam. 

The third track of the film is an aspiring director Srinivas (Roopesh Shetty).  He narrates his script to famous actress Padmavathi who is lovely looking Bhavana Menon. She accepts the story and comes forward to help the ailing father of Srinivas with Rs. 10 lakhs.  

There is another gangster that really kidnaps Alamelu who is with a bag of Rs.8 lakhs on her way to Bengaluru. The kidnapper demanded Rs.10 lakhs from Srinivas. He and two friends now approach the highway for robbery. The trio attack Srinivas and Padmavathi carrying Rs.10 lakhs – Padmavathi is injured and Srinivas left unconscious.

Rs.10 lakhs to save Alamelu becomes big news in television channels. The confusion of the four tracks finally gets sorted out. How it happens you have to watch this film ‘Govinda Govinda’.

Sumanth Shailender as a college student doing one action and delivery of dialogue is very convincing. His pun with two funny actors Vijay Chendur and Pawan Kumar is a treat to watch. Roopesh Shetty as Srinivas has given a neat performance.

The beauties to watch in this film are Bhavana Menon and Kavitha Gowda – both have performed very well. Achyuth Kumar, Shobaraj and Padma Vasanthi have given apt support.

Two songs in this film are well composed by Hitan Haasan, the background score is another plus point of this film. Cinematographer Chandrasekhar gives a good view of Bijapur and other locations with his fine ability.

Go for this film with your family members. 
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