Posted date: 2/October/2008

Thanking the gesture showed by actor cum director Gurudut Dayal said he did not take remuneration. The money I sent to his lodge in Mysore was returned. He came on his own on all these days and took part in the shoot. He did not collect even the fuel expenses for his car Dayal said to the thunderous applause for Gurudut.

Gurudut known for such generosity came up to say I have taken the room rent. What he wanted to say is that he is a part of the ‘Circus’ team and this is what he can contribute from his side for the struggle of Dayal Padmanabhan.

Dayal made another announcement on this occasion that he would take the media to Bangkok trip after earning the profits from ‘Circus’. I would come with 50 member film media friends to Bangkok and address the press at one of the posh hotels there provided you are free there said Dayal in lighter vein.

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