Posted date: 30/January/2011

In the maiden film ‘Jogaiah’ production hat trick director Prem has carved a new idea as for as marketing the film for the television rights. A very strong observation has come from director Prem that has to be seriously discussed in the Kannada Film Producers Association.
Director Prem is releasing his family banner 100th film of Shivarajakumar in200 theatres is a big news there is no doubt about it. At the same time he is contemplating on giving the television rights of the film for just six months at a whopping price of Rs.3 crores.
When intelligent director Prem went with the proposal to market the film he made an analysis. How much the television channels make money from one telecast and its subsequent telecast. For Rs.5 crores film made by a producer the television channels make Rs.15 crores – that is three times more than the budget.
The butter is prepared by the producer but ghee is made by the television channels have been strongly observed by this intelligent shrewd director Prem.
So instead of giving it for perpetual right of the film the film would be renewed once in six months. Otherwise the television channel agree to the Mumbai pattern says director cum producer Prem.
Supporting to the Prem statement we have information that a film like ‘Mr Garagasa’ has been telecast 40 times in the private satellite channel. According to one estimate the collection of ad revenue for the channel is ten times more than the investment and collection made by ‘Mr Garagasa’.
Money comes and goes the morality comes and grows is an old statement now. Money comes and grows to television channel is the latest statement.
Director Prem pointing to the budget said he would disclose everything from this film without fail.

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