Posted date: 14/August/2008

He was in lurch. He got duped Rs.35 lakhs in cinema distribution. He was married. She was highly educated girl. From every corner of life he was pooh-poohed in life. His father told him you are a trash. That made him in pent up frustration to give up his clothes. Naked he got down from the staircase of Srirampuram house. Seeing this I pounced on him hugged him and brought him to the room.

Who was that highly disgusted person in life? That is KOMALKUMAR the much sought after comedy actor of Kannada cinema. Who is that brought him to the room and saved him from public nuisance. That is Jaggesh the elder brother. When was the time? It was during ‘Miltry Mava’ film losing badly in the box office in which Komalkumar played hero.

Jaggesh recounted this on Wednesday evening standing in front of a few journalists at Green House restaurant. Why this occasion did come up? When he was told that you have lovely brother who support you always.

There was pin drop silence for a few seconds after Jaggesh narrated this tale that was not heard so far by the media.

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