Posted date: 14/January/2010

I would adopt 10 children and give education and food provided the film ‘Ithalakkadi’ that has 108 actors complete 100 days and make a profit of Rs.3 crores.

Bullet Prakash the producer of the film also known actor was responding to a hypothetical question at Minerva Mills final day shooting of his film. I am already doing social service and not less than Rs.1000 food items reach the hungry people every day says this talented actor.

At the same ‘Kumblakaayi’ breaking day of ‘Ithalakkadi’ Bullet Prakash promised to work free for a film of Sudheendra Venkatesh. Producer Rama Murthy MG has agreed to give Rs.5 lakhs non refundable loan for Sudheendra Venkatesh in case he becomes a producer.

If this of Sudheendra Venkatesh is directed by Yathiraj another journalist who is all set to become a director searching for the producer – actor Bullet Prakash is ready to work for Rs.101 payment.

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