Posted date: 7/May/2011

At last the Mahakulla of Karnataka has won the battle for the title. Dwarakish for his 47th production has obtained the tags like ‘Veera or Raja’ for Vishnuvardhana title.

Dwarakish plea in the South Indian Film chamber of Commerce has been heard. He has been issued a letter to keep the title as ‘Veera Vishnuvardhana’ or ‘Raja Vishnuvardhana’. With that he will be doing it so. Whether it is ‘Veera or Raaja’ it will be known very soon.

For Sudeep character in the film ‘Veera’ holds very well. Sudeep was ‘Veera Madhakari and played important role in ‘Veera Parampare’ with Ambarish.



Dwarakish speaking to a few media persons at Dodda Basavanna temple adjacent Dodda Ganapathi temple broken the ‘Dodda News’ – he is looking for God in his life. He will be turning 50 in film career on August 12, 2012. For this August 12 he is releasing the film ‘Vishnuvardhana’ with new attachment behind the title.

For next year 2012 - 50 years completion in cinema he is planning a film on Annamayya or Ramadasu. This is time for me to make a search of truth. God is truth says Dwarakish.

In life 99 percent hard work is required one percent is the luck factor. In cinema one percent of hard work and 99 percent of luck is essential. Like me no one did 50 films as an actor. There is one force like Sri Ragavendra Swamiji that gives the strength points Dwarakish in his chat.

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