Posted date: 8/June/2010

Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh wants to be more in his film career as he feels the job of politics is routine. Taking care of his son Gururaj when he was down with fever he was thinking like this with his Parimala to his side in his house.


The reason behind Jaggesh to think like this is because he had hectic schedule of political work. He had seen the malfunctioning and sometimes feels very pathetic on the status of our people in the interior Karnataka. However Jaggesh is not sitting idle but he wants to be ideal in politics. He has removed the dust in the politics wherever possible.


With ‘Lift Kodla’ ready he is now moving to 15 days jolly trip to United States of America with his sibling Komalkumar. He is leaving on 15th of this month to US.


Meanwhile Jaggesh has approved a subject on ‘Banjethana’ (childless woman) with very interesting elements that is touching to the society like ‘Lift Kodla’. In Lift Kodla he has given lift to a handicap Mahesh who has danced in the film effortlessly. Even actor cum former MP Shashikumar was dumbstruck like Rockline Venkatesh with the performance of Mahesh who does not have two legs. Jaggesh is that kind of personality! He picks the right talent although picking right talent in him got delayed in his life.


After a subject on ‘Banjethana’ Jaggesh has almost approved another subject for a newcomer who gave audio visual presentation before narrating the script to Jaggesh but he is not accepting it for the climax part.


Jaggesh ire was also on the newcomers. They are not mixing well and coming out with novel thoughts to take the Kannada cinema industry to greater heights he pointed.


Jaggesh and Komalkumar middle there is Ramachandru brother who is handicap. He is aged 45 years working in the fields as agriculturist. Since Ramachandru fell down when he was a child he lost the mental balance. The growth of the brain is 18 years disclosed Jaggesh. Jaggesh takes special care to this younger brother. Saying ‘Hello Brother’ Jaggesh offered drink and cigarette but restricted him with care and sent him for dinner at GayathriViharPalace.


www.chitratara.com took this rare picture of three siblings around 11 pm in the night.

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