Posted date: 11/June/2009

Very quiet and unassuming ‘Gilli’ Gururaj made a cool address on the audio release of the film on last Monday with his Papa, chikkappa and younger brother sitting on the dais. What you see on the screen I am different in real life said Gururaj on his debut role in the film that is a remake of ‘7G Rainbow Colony’.

Lat Monday was Jaggesh family function day. Jaggesh took part at Arjun Arts Studio where his younger brother Komalkumar film ‘Chamkaisi Chindi Udayisi’ audio was released for which his brother in law Srinivas is the producer and in the afternoon at green house Raj Milan Jaggesh son Gururaj debut film ‘Gilli’ audio was released.
Before the audio release the introduction how Gururaj Jaggesh looks on screen was on the huge screen and one song was made available.

When I got this film I was in Kushi and Bhaya. Gururaj is proud artist son and secondly the industry and audience will be carefully looking at Gururaj. After doing the film knowing the results on screen I am feeling internally happy said director Raghav Loki. Yuvan Shanker Raja son of maestro Ilayaraja has done very good tunes

Gururaj is in a star creator for next generation. Chitradha Yashassu I am seeing already. Gururaj is like Beleyuva pairu Molakeyalli….showed good results. The songs of this film would become very close to heart as you go on hearing said the dialogue writer and lyricist of the film Ramnarayan.

Namma Mane Eradu Kudigalu film audio release Indhu Jaggesh pointing said ‘Yaaru Kashta Pattu bavi thodutharo Jala sikkaga ago santosha kushi adhara mundilla – an actor should become like. He should not take any guard – Nammalliro talent Naave Guruthiskobeku. Looking at the role in Ranadheera director Saiprakash gave me big scope in Manmatharaja. That was 22 years back. Jaggesh is going down the memory off late! Let there not be influence, logo to tap the talent. I thought younger son would become but eldest son come here today as hero. Avanu avaranthe Kandaga he becomes very close to people heart says Jaggesh.

I wanted to see this audio release function but I was pulled on the stage Komalkumar admitted and said I am hero today after a long but Gururaj is hero from the beginning. Both cannot reach Jaggesh level only we can follow him said Komalkumar and questioned Ragav Loki jokingly for not showing him in the second half of ‘Sathya in Love’.

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