Posted date: 13/November/2008

Exactly after two years and seven months on the 12th of November (12th is the demise date of Dr.Rajkumar in April 2006) the Dr.Rajkumar Memorial Foundation was laid by Karnataka chief Minister B.S.Yedyirurappa in the presence of Dr.Rajkumar fans, Kannada cinema industry bigwigs and his cabinet colleagues at Kanteerava studios.
In the month of Kannada Rajyotsava Member of Parliament Ananthkumar took up a new slogan after Jai Hind, Jai Karnataka – that is Jai Rajakumar. At the Dr.Rajakumar Memorial foundation laying ceremony at Kanteerava Studios on Wednesday afternoon at 2.35 pm by Karnataka chief Minister B.S.Yediyurappa this new hearing thrilled the countless fans of Dr.Rajkumar.
The Karnataka chief Minister BS Yediyurappa followed his party colleague and also said Jai Rajakumar after Jai Hind and Jai Karnataka once again thrilled the innumerable fans and sent a lesson to others to follow it in future.
The government of Karnataka is not poor. It would give every possible support to the Dr.Rajakumar Memorial said the Karnataka CM and said he would say about this function today in Baharain for which he is catching 4 pm flight. He urged the Foundation architects and those who are involved in construction to work day and night for Dr.Rajakumar Memorial.
Dr.Rajakumar should have been alive to see from his eyes and hear from his ears the Classical tag coming to Karnataka the CM wished on this occasion. Had Rajakumar wanted he would become CM of the state. He grew above all and became the cultural ambassador of Karnataka said CM. It is my Poorvajanmadha Phala that I am laying foundation stone said CM after he visited Dr.Rajakumar Samadhi with his cabinet colleagues, Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar and others. He switched on the remote to unveil the foundation stone specially made for this day.
Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar turned very emotional and the second son Raghavendra Rajakumar explained the Dr/Rajakumar foundation memorial activities. Dr.Baraguru Ramachandrappa recalled many memories and highness of Dr.Rajakumar in his speech.
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• The inauguration was fixed after Rahukala on 12th of November Wednesday – at 1.35 pm. But inauguration to Dr.Rajakumar Memorial took place at 2.35 pm. CM Yediyurappa and others first visited Dr.Rajakumar Samadhi and came straight to the dais.
• Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar could not control the emotions. She thanked the Abhimani Bandhugalu. Government is doing good work. I am alive to see this day. Thank you all once again – she burst out in tears.
• Raghavendra Rajakumar explained in detail. The date of 12th is coinciding because on 12th of April 2006 my father died he recalled. Our father qualities have come to all of us in the family. Slow, system, discipline and respect we have inculcated.
• In one year the Memorial should be ready. Ganesh is the architect. Next November we want to hoist the Kannada flag in this place. We need support from everyone.
• Member of Parliament Ananthkumar in the customary address said everyone name on dais and forgot to address the Congress I Ne La Narendra Babu who presided over the function and who is also local MLA where Kanteerava studio is situated. At the end of his speech he referred the name of Ne La Narendra Babu.
• Ananthkumar explained that he and BS Yediyurappa the current Chief Minister 21 years ago used to travel in scooter. After tired political work we used to see Dr.Rajkumar films.
• Former Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani has referred to Dr.Rajakumar in his foreword of his ‘Nanna Desha Nanna Jeevana’.
• Dr.Rajakumar was the only apt person to play Nrupathunga role the first King of Karnataka said Ananthkumar.
• Ananthkumar wants screening of all the 205 films of Dr.Rajakumar at a screening theatre at Dr.Rajakumar Memorial.
• Dr.Rajakumar would not remain in the memory but he will be a strong inspiration for innumerable people said Ananthkumar.
• This should not be just a ‘Samadhi Sthala’ of Dr.Rajakumar but ‘Samkrithika Sthala’ said Prof Baraguru Ramachandrappa. Anakru had said that Rajakumar would not have been there the Kannada cinema industry would not have got separate identity.
• From an ordinary village boy to the position of Dadasaheb Phalke the phenomenal growth was explained by Baraguru in a very fitting style.
• Dr Rajakumar is the self confidence of villagers and Jana Samanyara Viveka. He brought Vidwat to Vinaya.
• The Memorial should be for his fans, researchers, and traveler’s center. They should feel that they should come here, study here. This memorial with historical contents with museums of Dr.Raj films and Indian films should acquire the national importance. The theatre and cinema should be clubbed here in the national stature feels Baraguru who is one of the members of Dr.Rajakumar Memorial Foundation.
• The Memorial should function in such a way that till this ‘Naadu’ exist Dr.Rajakumar name should be there.
• On dais Shiv, Raghu, Puneeth, Poornima, SA Govindaraj, Ramkumar of Dr.Raj family were there but another daughter Smt.Lakshmi was absent to this memorable moment.
• Ne La Narendra Babu the MLA of Mahalakshmi assembly constituency who presided over the function was upset for not getting the information from the government as to what is happening on Dr.Rajakumar Memorial. He asked the Chief Minister would you be silent if the same had happened to you in your constituency. He alleged that government officials are not keeping him informed. He said the memorial should be very well constructed in ISKCON standards.
• Ananthkumar MP corrected minister Ashok and said as deputy chief minister B.S.Yediyurappa on April 12 2006 was the only government representative to attend the Dr.Rajakumar final rites.
• Transport Minister Ashok said defying the Police instructions the current chief Minister Yediyurappa as deputy chief minister came to the final rites.
• Minister Ashok in his vote of thanks made it clear to Narendra Babu MLA that the entire responsibility and decision making with regard to Dr.Rajakumar Memorial is taken by the family members and government has no hand in it.
• Like how we feel that Mahatma Gandhi is not dead we feel on the same lines with regard to Dr.Rajakumar said Ashok.
• Very good anchor of the event on the afternoon was made by Aparna in a flawless Kannada.
• CM BS Yediyurappa switched the remote button and the stone containing who inaugurated it was opened with some more details on it.
• Latha Hamsalekha sung the opening song on Lord Ganesha.
• To keep the attendance engaged Dr.Rajakumar film songs were sung by an orchestra team.
• Top Kannada actors – Dr.Vishnuvardhana, Ambarish, Upendra, Darshan, Sudeep, Vijay, Ganesh, Ramya, Pooja Gandhi and others were absent to this event.

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