Posted date: 31/August/2009

‘I have to the save the child at any cost facing any odds’ was one of the dialogues of ‘Devaki’ in the ‘Jogula’ television serial when she was in the 6th month of surrogacy. It was almost like how mythological Devaki prayed for the child safety from the hands of Kamsa!

It was so real and heart touching for the artist Jyothi Rai who play Devaki role. A month back in her real life she prayed for the child in her womb. Doctors attending on Jyothi Rai said it is a case of abnormal child and she had to abort her child in the initial stages of growth.

While doing the particular scene this young and energetic lady Jyothi Rai had wept remembering her real life. Today from just one Devaki role in the 200 episodes of ‘Jogula’ in Zee TV Kannada she has become ‘Shruthi’ of small screen. She is so natural in her weeping scenes and in emotional scenes she is well received.

A Mangalore born brought up in Coorg and progressive in Bangalore Jyothi Rai was an employee of Accenture software Company and she had to leave the job for the regular acting call in small screen. She is in ‘Jogula’ in Zee Kannada and she is Shanthala in ‘Bandhe Barathava Kaala’ in ETV Kannada doing very prominent roles.

The children today are recognizing her as ‘Devaki’ and most of the elders watching ‘Jogula’ sought for separate television in their home only for watching Devaki role.

While it was a huge deduction in the salary where she had signed for Rs.30000 and got around 12000 as take home it is almost the similar for her in the television career. Jyothi Rai is buying her own costumes for the roles and the earning from her 15 days in a month 60 percent goes to the buying of clothes to suit her roles.

Going pretty in small screen but the big screen is a major drawback for me because they opt for skin tight clothes and I need to expose my skin she says. If I get a role like that of Radhika Pandit in ‘Moggina Manasu’ or any art or off beat film I am ready to take up because I have 10 to 12 days free time in a month she says.

Broad minded and broad forehead Jyothi Rai intends to become a director one day and she is learning slowly from the director Vinu Balanja. What is the main strong back up she has? Her husband Mr Padmanabha a Networking Engineer. On the persisting asking by Jyothi Rai that I would give up acting her husband has always given a cool answer that ‘I have faith in you go ahead with your acting’.

A B.Sc and computer application diploma holder Jyothi Rai growing up in Coorg is also a dare devil girl. She tried half a glass of beer when she was in the 10th standard and heads starting reeling she recalls. I grew up around the intoxication but not interested in it she says.

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