Posted date: 5/September/2008

This is not an obituary of any producer. It is the sad end of film journey of a simple, humble and publicity crazy producer B.K.Srinivas of ‘Mandakini’.

Bidding good bye to film production producer Srinivas has declared ‘Mandakini’ is his ‘Prathama and Anthima Kanike’. He presented such a trophy to media persons on last Thursday afternoon. That was too much was the opinion from the media circle. As a matter of fact he should not give such bidding goodbye trophy to media persons. He should present it to the heads of the people who are running the system from which he is upset. Firstly he should have given such useless trophy to Producer sector President, secondly to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce the Apex body of the Kannada filmdom. In these two places the trophy of Srinivas should be displayed in the beginning so that the new producer would rethink on coming to films.

Also a social servant Srinivas instead of spending on such on unwanted trophy he could have used the same money to the poor and needy in the society. When money is there in excess it should not be thought in this direction.

The statement on the trophy would leave us gasping for the height of torture he had faced from the debut film production investing Rs.3 crores plus and waiting for the release of the film for one full year.

Producer Srinivas frustration mainly is on the director Ramesh Surve. He has passing remarks on the usual trouble faced by the producers today from the strict and disciplined Regional Censor Board.

Although the ire of the producer is on censor board because it issued A certificate for his film ‘Mandakini’ the major ire of the producer was on the director not because he has been responsible for spending too much of days and too much of money but because he went to the revising committee without his knowledge and obtained 14 cuts as against the three cuts suggested by the censor chief in the first viewing.

At one point of time in the media address who paid Rs.15000 to the revising committee took lot of time. Either producer Srinivas or director Surve was not aware of this remittance what they claimed.

When it was checked with the censor board it was said the first viewing thought of taking a psychiatrist suggestion. When the doctor was also in dilemma the censor board thought of referring it to the revising committee told the censor chief Chandrasekhar. So the issue of Rs.15000 does not arise in this case.

Explaining his sickness he faced in the last one year BK Srinivas says the torture from all areas was bad. A producer is ‘Annadhata’ Dr.Rajakumar has said but today a producer has no ‘Anna’. There are innumerable producers in such scenario. I have told three media persons that I would take up films in their direction that is not possible now says BK Srinivas.

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