Posted date: 6/March/2011

The other day Dr Ramachandre Gowda one of the proprietors of first Cinerama theatre in Asia Kapali theatre situated on Subedar Chatram Road was in full mood to explain the future of one of the oldest theatres in Bangalore.
According to Dr Gowda who is a general physician the Kapali theatre situated on 6000 square foot (100x60) its land value is worth Rs.150 cores but it needs Rs.200 crores for sprucing up.
As the family of Dr Gowda is with three brothers and a few grand children the processing of coming up with six screens at this place is not an easy task.
Where to get Rs.200 crores is the question in the mind of the gentleman Gowda. As of now the theatre needs 50 percent attendance in the 1500 seats to keep moving without any losses says Gowda.
When the six screens are coming up is not a distant dream but in near future says Gowda. He has family of lawyers, doctors and engineers.
Whenever the film fails ‘Om’ of hat trick hero Shivarajakumar is put up Dr Gowda says it is inevitable. ‘Om’ brings some attendance to at least main the upkeep of the theatre.
It is in and around Kapali theatre – Majestic, Alankar, Prabhat, Geetha, Kempe Gowda, Himalaya theatres have been demolished so far.

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