Posted date: 19 Wed, Jan 2022 05:55:19 PM

The one in 1919 `Jalianwala Bagh` massacre in Amritsar that took the life of hundreds of Indian from the hands of British rule, the other one of the similar at the time of hoisting Indian flag at Vidurashwatha happened in 1938 that took life of 40 Indians at the crude rule of British rule in India.

Now the second Jallianwala Bagh massacre at Vidurashwatha known as `South India Jalianwala Bagh` tragedy is coming in the form of a 35 minutes short film in the direction of a software engineer a native of Gauribidanur Vageesh Katti  and he has named it as `Karnataka Jalianwala Bagh`.

Vidurashwatha is known as a divine place and at this place the massacre happened in 1938 and Vagish wanted it to bring it to the notice of today`s youth, it is Putswami Gowda encouraged first.

Except two veterans Srinivasamurthy and Shobaraj, others in this short film of 35 minutes are newcomers. 100 new talents are utilized for this film. All of them were trained and then faced the camera.

On the Indian Republic Day January 26 this `Karnataka Jalianwala Bagh`will be available on the YouTube channel of Vageesh R Katti.

Putswamy Gowda present at the media briefing on Monday afternoon lauded the effort of Katti and this effort should get the right encouragement he felt.

This short film is satisfying. Vageesh worked very well. The new actors who worked here showed good dedication and veteran actor Srinivasamurthy appreciated the dialect of new actors.

Padmasri Doddarange Gowda as chief guest on this occasion stated that the children have completely accepted mobile phones as inseparable companions. Naturally they view such a program. On behalf of Kannadigas Gowda appreciated Vagish Katti for selecting this type of subject. Let more credible work come from Vagish blessed Prof Gowda.

For Karnataka Jalianwala Bagu Suresh composed music, state award winner Ravindra Soragavi rendered a song, well known cinematographer in Kannada cinema KS Chandrasekhar wielded the camera and shared the experience on the occasion. 

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