Posted date: 21/February/2009

The parental care is always kept in highest esteem. But a writer like A.N.Murthirayaru says giving care for 20 long years for the five years of sweetness of children enjoyed by parents is mandatory. Next the returns what the globalization talks about are not in the hands of anyone. The fingers are crossed. But duty has to be done by parents.

This is what veteran actor, director and producer Kashinath has also done but the reason for him to break down is the support he got for his ‘Aparichitha’ in 1978 from one media person. I was not known to him but he did his work and I sailed through till this day. Not bothered for losing Rs.7 lakhs from Hindi version of it ‘Beshaq’ but the honor I received in the media moved me a lot.

It is time for picking handkerchief wiping tears and nose for a few minutes for Kashinath with a mike in his left hand. He reminded the actress Shruthi films for a moment. But it came naturally. It is the honor on that moment he gave to the fourth estate. But fourth estate is third person according to him and the fourth person for him is ‘Prekshaka Mahaprabhu’.

Advising his son the tall and lanky Alok on his debut in ‘Baaji’ the father of eminence in the presence of media on Wednesday afternoon at Green House Raj Milan urged the media to give support for his son on the basis of his caliber and capacity. Puthra is like Mithra to me. I only gave him the technical know-how but training is extended by Abhinaya Tharanga of A.S.Murthy he said. But how a hero should be prepared like that director Srinivas Shidlaghatta has done.

‘Kashtadinda Bandha Sukadha Majave Bere’. That Kashta – difficulty is not there for my son. I felt it right for him to work under other director because this affection, expectation and facilitation are the dangers I see because he is my son. I would not have asked him to jump for 75 feet or participate in very dangerous stunts – he has done all that in this film. I wanted him to grow in others platform that has happened now said Kashinath.

Alok the young chap had nothing to say expect blessings for his work from the media. Director Srinivas Shidlaghatta is hopeful of the release of the film on February 27th.

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