Posted date: 5/May/2009

The son in law of famous Editor of Kannada tabloid ‘Hai Bangalore’ Ravi Belegere the Kannada film actor Srinagara Kitty mincing no words said in case a film is made from the contents of ‘Hai Bangalore’ it will not be a crime story or love story but it will be ‘Inthi Ninna Preethiya’ once again. The huge attendance and children broke out in laughter. Have they understood the inner meaning of it? Forget about it Yaar! It is time for fun and frolicking for cute little children at a mock court.

The prestigious Vijayanagara Bimba as part of the summer camp invited actor Srinagar Kitty for the ‘Kiriyara Kata Kate’ a mock court by the students of the camp. It is in this mock court stalwarts like Dr.Vishnuvardhana, Ramesh Aravind popular stars like Ganesh, Malashri, Vijay and others have taken part in the past.

It was a one hour grilling session where in the questions from 15 plus students in the attire of lawyers came up one after the other at city central library auditorium in RPC layout on Sunday evening. Director Pallakki Radhakrishna as judge and Srinagara Kitty in the witness box the lawyers and audience at the auditorium spent lighter moments forgetting the worries.

Perhaps the youngest among all lawyers Master Samarjith was very free and had no fear of stage when he came twice to put questions to Srinagara Kitty.

We give you some of the highlights of the one hour fun filled evening: Kitty answered to various questions from children dressed as lawyers -

  • Kitty was asked to take oath and he was made to say he will say only ‘Sathya’ and nothing else.
  • It was Manuji who brought me to acting when I was sixth standard. I always remember him.
  • Always my role is important for me. Then only I will accept roles.
  • Naanu, Ganesh, Nagshekar were all room mates. Once Ganesh and Nagshekar had to leave the room for a ‘kirik’.
  • Theatre is temple according to me. It is from staging plays the interest in me developed to film acting.
  • Film should be seen as films. Bad things shown should not be taken for real life. As a matter of fact Dr.Rajakumar films are model to sketch your life.
  • Take film media as a tool of entertainment.
  • The good and bad do not happen from cinema.
  • Inthi Ninna Preethiya is my favorite cinema.
  • I am not any star. The fixing of anything to my name has not happened. Every title has been already given now for my colleagues.
  • My father in law Ravi Belegere I do not fear him. He is my intelligent and daring ‘Maava’. He does not spare any one who is on wrong path. He does not leave his own son Karna.
  • My wife Bhavana wants to be a producer.
  • After my marriage the ‘Kalyana Bhagya’ is slowly happening. Kalyan and Bhagya are two different names.
  • For the success or failure of my career I do not blame my wife at all on any day. ‘Avru Nammantha avaranna Katkonde sakashtu thodren anubavisodhu saaku’!
  • ‘Savaari’ is not a flop at all. After V.Ravichandran’s ‘Ramachari’ it is only now the theatre is full for two weeks continuously. In PVR the film is hit.
  • To be open is ‘Natka’. Without getting caught is real acting.
  • Before marriage my girl friends – give me a few days I will write it and post it to Vijayanagara Bimba.
  • Kanthri Kelsa Janara Kannige Kanadha Haage madoru Hechchu!
  • Theatre is my first love. The plays like ‘Naane Bijjala’ and ‘Namma Nimmalagobba’ I would perform on stage with just two days rehearsal. Other plays means I require at least 3 to 4 months.

After one hour question and answer session the judge Pallakki Radhakrishna ordered a punishment to Srinagara Kitty. It was to dance and sing with the children. Pallakki Radhakrishna himself sung a song from ‘Sri Kaivara Thataiah’ that he had directed.

Mr Indrajith Lankesh the Kannada films most successful director who attended the mock court where his son Samarjith was one of the lawyers said he was very particular on his son getting admission to Vijayanagara Bimba. The children who get trained here as I have observed have developed sharpness and are able to think independently complimented Indrajith Lankesh.

The Vijayanagar Bimba founder A.S.Murthy welcomed the gathering and Smt.Gauri Dathu explained the significance of such a mock court held every year at the fag end of the summer camp of Vijayanagara Bimba.

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